Business of friendship

The business of friendship can be a parlous activity.


Friendships arising from business activities will maintain a practical nature, even as emotional warmth develops.

Business relationships need to remain objective. To operate in any other way would only invite gradual self-delusion and ultimate professional failure. Surely we all seek to avoid grinning like fools with our trousers down.

Friends in private life care most about our emotional wellbeing. They see the best in us. We need that too.

John D. Rockefeller once famously said: “A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.” Who could disagree with those wise and tested words?

All friends in a position to put themselves out for us will do so. It’s therefore only sensible to remember who they are and what we have in common should we need to seek a favour; failure to heed this principle may also impact badly on mutual friendships. Continue reading

Copywriting cliché

Use of the cliché – a trite or overused expression or idea – writ large is oft frowned upon, and a close relative once hit me with the startling revelation that a photo I considered using (below) for my “Linked-In” page is in fact a cliché.

russcamerav2at250Now, avoiding the issue over missing the boat if discounting absolutely everything that’s been done under the sun, a cursory examination of what’s good for the goose surely requires clear water thinking outside of the box.

Indeed, whilst seeking to avoid making a mountain out of a molehill, I must confess that although all oranges are orange, not everything comes in pears … And if one is scrambling to get a foot in the door (or feet under the desk) by jumping in with a brave new cash cow business bonanza – bearing in mind that what goes around doesn’t necessarily come around in our dog-eat-dog world – one has to fire on all cylinders right off the starting block and leave no stone unturned if seeking to blaze a trail and avoid being left or even sacrificed at the altar.

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